Here’s the information you need to ensure a safe return to school for yourself, 你的同事, 和你的学生.


寄一封: 告诉政府. Abbott and TEA that local school districts should have the authority to keep our communities and children safe — including by mandating mask use.



无. 1 way to protect our communities is for everyone who is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, 得到一个.

在你附近找一个供应商 & 在网上预约 疫苗.政府.

If you are hesitant about getting a vaccine or know someone who is, here are the facts you need to make informed decisions for your health.


  • You cannot be denied a vaccine for being unable to pay a vaccine administration fee.
  • You can get vaccinated regardless of immigration status.
  • As of now, 疫苗 are approved for everyone over age 12.
  • 你可以在附近找到供应商 疫苗.政府.


  • While people do experience various side effects after receiving COVID-19 疫苗, getting vaccinated is far safer than getting the virus.
  • 数百万人已经安全接种了疫苗.
  • No other vaccine has been tested as much for safety in U.S. 历史.

Vaccines make you less likely to get COVID-19 and protect you from severe illness.

  • Being fully vaccinated reduces your chances of getting COVID-19. 美国疾病控制与预防中心的数据显示 没有完全接种疫苗的人 超过 住院的可能性是常人的十倍 从COVID-19和 死亡率是常人的十倍 从它.
  • If you get COVID-19 after being vaccinated, the vaccine protects you from getting seriously ill.
  • The 疫苗 are effective at protecting you from new variants of the virus.


  • Side effects mean the vaccine is teaching your body how to fight COVID-19.
  • 副作用包括流感样症状(头痛), 发冷, 或发烧), as well as pain or swelling on your arm where you got the vaccine. 大多数只能维持一两天.
  • 一些COVID-19疫苗需要两次接种. Side effects may be unpleasant, but it’s important to get both shots for full protection.

Illustration shows a person wearing a face mask and hold one hand to the other arm. 短信上写着:“A-F-T打破COVID-19神话. Dangerous misinformation campaigns are fueling skepticism and hesitance around the COVID-19 疫苗. 事实是99.5 percent of 所有 COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths happening now are among the unvaccinated."

打破神话COVID-19 & 疫苗错误信息


事实: COVID-19 is three times more infectious and more deadly than the seasonal flu. 事实上, COVID-19 has killed 超过 10 times as many people as the worst flu season of the past decade.


事实: Officials at the Centers for Disease Control have said the Delta variant seems to cause more severe illness than the original virus and spreads as easily as chickenpox. 嗯,就像水痘一样 之前 we had a vaccine, which is required for Texas 学生.

Myth: Kids don’t get COVID-19 or don’t get sick from COVID-19.

事实: Children have always been susceptible to COVID-19. 但随着 δ变种“hypertransmissibility”, more children are getting sick — and they’re getting sicker.

Myth: Vaccinated people are getting the Delta variant, so there’s no point in getting vaccinated.

事实: 99.5% of 所有 new COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are happening among unvaccinated people. 尽管接种了疫苗,人们仍然可能感染这种病毒, they are almost exclusively experiencing mild or no symptoms.

Myth: The COVID-19 疫苗 were rushed and are too new to trust.

事实:  The technology used to create the COVID-19 疫苗 was 发展了近二十年. 早期的疫苗制造商们开始, 聪明的工作, and had plenty of resources to create 疫苗 that are 95% effective.

Myth: I’m vaccinated, so I don’t need to wear a mask anymore.

事实:德尔塔型改变了游戏规则. Studies show vaccinated people can contract the virus and spread it, though they are highly unlikely to experience serious illness. Being vaccinated AND masked protects not only yourself but other unvaccinated people — including kids.

Myth: Mask mandates are an infringement of my rights.

真相:我们穿鞋和衬衫去餐馆. 我们在车里系好安全带. We’re required to do 所有 sorts of things for the good of ourselves and others. In a public health crisis, it’s our responsibility to protect one another.


事实: 普遍的掩蔽工程 以减缓COVID-19的传播. The evidence is that so many of us are still here to debate this fact.

For more information on the safety and importance of vaccination and COVID-19 safety measures, visit

Photo shows a teacher helping a student on a laptop in the classroom. 两人都戴着口罩. 短信上写着"重回校园. 返回. 恢复. 重新定义."

为什么这很重要? After 超过 a year of pandemic, teachers want to be in their classrooms with their 学生 — 安全.

Learn more about our union’s efforts to support a safe, equitable return to school for 所有 学生.



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Safety committees are an essential way to collect concerns from employees and hold leaders accountable. Check with your local union or your school nurse to see if your campus has one. 如果不是这样, 您可以使用我们的工具箱自己创建一个.